The Action Not Words Project, Inc

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Company Profile

The Action Not Words Project, Inc


Founded: 2009

Founder: Charlene D. Edwards


Areas of expertise: 
sustainability, local food access, agricultural education,  community empowerment , shared resources, youth education.


Water Needed

Ujima Garden was suffering due to a lack of a consistent water source. We had been able to "weather" through last season using innovative methods including wishing and praying, but we knew we needed assistance or our garden would remain the little garden that could.. Food Well Alliance heard our plea and granted the garden $1500 to secure a water tap and associated irrigation supplies. 

We will have a water source by May 2017. It is wonderful to know there are organizations committed to growing communities organically. By noticing who is doing the work and then assisting them to do even more,,,that is community empowerment. Thank You FOOD WELL ALLIANCE! 

Feeding The People

Generous weekly donations from The Fresh Market stores have allowed us to create bountiful food deliveries for Greater Atlanta homeless populations and underfinanced families. If you are in need of food contact us at 

Fundraising: The Little Garden That Could

It is not too late to support the Gardens financially. Our campaign will continue through the first day of Spring 2017. Your funds have assisted us to complete fencing, obtain needed tools and soil enrichment inputs. 

Seed Money
What a surprise! We won a merit grant from Seed Money organization based in Scarborough, ME. for Ujima Gardens. It is exciting to receive support for the work we are doing in the Greater Dekalb County community. 

Ujima Gardens
We had an awesome work day in the gardens at the beginning of February. More than 30 people showed up to complete the fence, clean up the planting area and complete some infrastructure work. We cannot wait until planting day!!

The Youth Urban Farm Ambassadors Project

Through a generous grant sponsored by Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, 10 youths will begin urban agri-educational training March 1, 2017. The sessions will be held every Saturday at Ujima Gardens. All slots are filled for 2017. Be on the lookout for your youth in 2018. 

As evidenced by the growing number of long-term unemployed/underemployed, working poor, low income families, displaced veterans and elderly populations; access to sufficient shelter, healthy food and  wellness resources is an imperative. 

Simple plan: create communities that provide for residents while teaching them to grow their own food, adopt healthier lifestyles and contribute to the maintenance of the environment.  

What We’re Doing