A community-directed collaborative nonprofit organization that assists impoverished populations to access and maintain fundamental living resources. The organization establishes, enhances and nurtures community constructed institutions that deliver effective interventions that respect the culture and researched needs of the populations.


Shared resources provides an avenue to decrease the cost of standard living necessities utilizing bulk purchasing power, reuse of common commodities and collaborative development and production of locally grown food. 

Environmental Stewardship

Shared Resources

Community Empowerment


Our Mission

Environmental stewardship increases community responsibility by creating development plans that maintain the integrity of the land.   Sustainability practices allows us all to live more fully.

Social Networking

The Action Not Words Project,  Inc. is committed to increasing awareness of the necessity of  becoming active participants of the global "green conversation". Communities not fluent will miss out on wealth building opportunities and eventually become a strain upon commonly held resources. By encouraging communities to adopt simple green ideas, under-financed neighborhoods can become a part of the global sustainability conversation.

The Action Not Words Project, Inc