The Action Not Words Project, Inc

Our Mission

Without basic necessities, achieving and maintaining social and economic independence becomes virtually impossible. Our primary goals and objectives are based on the "rippling effect" –

It’s only when solutions are dropped in a multitude of areas will all corners of the world be touched. Therefore, we form small communities of those willing to make a difference in their own neighborhoods.

Our History

During a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2009, Charlene Edwards, Founder of The Action Not Words Project, was introduced to a charity house in the extremely depressed village of Villa Mella, Santo Domingo. The modest facility distributed used clothing, hygiene items and discarded household items from the US. As the women worked together to feed the children of the community, Charlene noted that they all seemed to work together without feelings of envy or disharmony. They were actively participating in assisting the community while seeking resources to improve their economic position. 
Charlene also noted the difference between members of the visiting group that "talked" loudly about what should be done about poverty, while other members quietly gave what they could to those in need. During this often loud exchange of "empty" ideas and promises, the idea of "The Action Not Words Project" was born.

Our goal is to recreate this type of effective approach in challenged areas within  the United States. While food, clothing and adequate living conditions are vital, it is just the beginning. To increase social and economic sustainability, actions need to be more than about survival. Demonstrating how to feed a family on a meager budget, utilizing local and volunteer craftsmen willing to train community members, accessing available resources to foster sustainable living and encouraging shared resources are necessary interventions to improve conditions not just for today, but tomorrow and the day after.  No one should have to live in deplorable conditions or fear when their next meal will arrive.