The Action Not Words Project, Inc

Environmental Stewardship

As environmental concerns appear on daily news, it has become apparent of the need to provide available resources and information regarding its impact upon our daily lives. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cities are facing serious challenges, including growing populations, greater demands for services, strained infrastructure systems, tighter budgets and resources.

The Action Not Words Projects, Inc's core values animate our work and align our  ideas with our actions. The outcome we seek is the maximization of resource delivery toward those in need of access and skill development related to sustainability and overall growth.

Shared Resources

As evidenced by the growing number of long-term unemployed/underemployed, working poor, low income families, distressed veterans and elderly populations; access to sufficient shelter and healthy food is an imperative.  

By sharing resources such as agricultural production,  educational facilities and recreational areas residents are able to maximize economic support while encouraging community responsibility. 

Community Empowerment

​​A community operating at its highest level of wellness is able to adequately provide for its residents. By providing neighborhood hubs dedicated to accessible and affordable resources, many individuals traditionally left out of the “green” conversation can then become active participants of a sustainable environment. Therefore acquiring technical skills utilizing green healthy alternatives, residents are able to initiate entrepreneurial enterprises that  promote sustainability for their families and the community as a whole. 

The Action Not Words Project, Inc.