The Board

The Action Not Words Project, Inc’s Board of Directors is a committed group of professionals that embody the organization’s motto, “Doing More Of What Works”.

This volunteer group has committed to a minimum of two years to assist bringing the mission to life and making a tremendous impact upon the lives of targeted recipients. They not only plan ongoing charitable activities, they stand "front and center" actively participating in all hands on work. ​

Charlene D. Edwards, M.A. MFT – Founder/Executive Director

 ​​​ Charlene D. Edwards, MA, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 
Wellness Coach, and Philanthropist .She is the founder of Blissnu, LLC, a private wellness
coaching practice that employs techniques that
assist in increasing empathy, emotional responsibility,
and community investment.Her clinical background includes dual diagnosis treatment
for women and adolescents, crisis intervention and family reunification.
​Her interests include gardening, herbology
and African Traditional Spirituality.

 "Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even into
your smallest acts. This is the secret of success" ~ Swami Sivananda

​Dee Doanes- Board Member/Intentional Community Chair

Dee Doanes is the founder and editor-in-chief of Health Plus Style (, 

an alternative health lifestyle blog.  She’s passionate about spreading the philosophy of 

the body, mind, and spirit connection. Her motto is, “Be healthy, be happy!” Doanes also is a 

published writer and has an extensive background in marketing. She enjoys leading workshops, 

seminars, retreats, and public speaking. Doanes has conducted youth poetry workshops 

for the Atlanta Writers Club Youth Writing Camp, and is the former co-chair of the Writing in

the Schools Program for Georgia Writers. In her spare time you can find Doanes growing

organic vegetables in her garden, fitness training, gourmet cooking, photographing nature, and 

traveling the world. 

Follow her Intentional Community Blog

Erin S. Harris - Board Member/Director of Social Marketing and Brand Management

Erin Harris is a Psychology major with an emphasis in Political Science and Ethnic Studies at Humboldt 

State University in California (HSU). With a background of numerous community building volunteerism

and leadership. To name one, Ms. Harris has worked in the Multicultural Center at HSU as the Black and

African American Community Building Coordinator. This opportunity entailed providing resources,

conducting Community meetings, designing websites and events to further express cultural identity and

community in an otherwise exclusive community. She brings experience working with various charities

including The Salvation Army's summer camps and recreation centers. A part from these works, Ms. Harris

is involved in many activities and clubs that promote expression and creativity such as dancing, acting, 

spoken word, and fictional writing. 

​Kyng Ma'at-El- Board Member/Community Liaison

Kyng Ma'at-El is an ordained minister, homeopathic practitioner and professional

musician. He brings over 20 years experience in the philanthropic and security field for

high profile clients. ​As a Veteran of the Gulf War, Mr. Ma'at is intimately aware of the

extensive varied needs of our returning service men and women. His expertise includes

life coaching, skill enhancement and cultural advocacy. He is committed to delivering

   information, resources and access to sustainability and wellness services for CommonUnity's residents

and the neighboring areas.

Jhavaun Green- Board Member

​                                                                                                                          Jhavaun Green is an entrepreneur, economist, published author,                                                                                                                                             outdoor enthusiast, certified archery instructor and co-founder of the  Harriet Tubman                                                                                                                    School for  Leadership and Enterprise in Lithonia, GA.   Jhavaun is currently a Level II USA                                                                              Archery certified instructor, National Field Archery  Association (N.F.A.A) certified, as well as National Archery In                                                                       the Schools (NASP) certified.   Jhavaun currently sits on the board for several organizations; writes children’s                                                                                books  about smart ways to spend money and loves to teach the sport of archery to youths and  adults.  He                                                                              believes  archery, as a sport, is a great way to engage all youths. Jhavaun feels every  child should be like his                                                                            club motto says, “on target for success”.    Jhavaun is currently  pursuing a Masters in Business with a minor in                                                                            Supply Chain Management.   

The Action Not Words Project, Inc